Lewis Mike McPherson

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14 / 12 / 1994 — 31 / 12 / 2012

Lewis Mike McPherson, lovingly known as LEWMAC, was 18 years old and had just finished year 12 at Brighton Secondary School when he lost his life on New Years Eve 2012 to an act of alcohol fuelled violence. He was innocently walking to a party in Warradale with two friends when three shots were fired at them.

Lewis’ family and friends have joined forces with the Sammy D Foundation to raise funds for their education and early intervention programs in the hope that another family and group of friends may be spared the agonising pain and the lifetime of sadness that comes with experiencing the unthinkable.

Lewis’ Story

Lewis was a happy young man, always smiling. He would lighten up any room with his beaming character and warm hugs.  His smile warmed hearts and brightened the lives of many people.

Lewis was playful, loud, messy and always wanting to have fun.  He and his older brother Cale grew up as best mates playing Lego, Star Wars figurines, cars, Nintendo, Playstation and backyard cricket; and riding their skateboards and bikes. Our homes where never quiet with two brothers always on the move with brotherly banter and love.

Lewis followed in his brother’s footsteps playing hockey, basketball, soccer, trampolining and volleyball, winning medals and making friends along the way.  It was common sight to see Lewis dancing or cart wheeling in the middle of a game!

At Brighton Secondary School, volleyball became his passion. He also played club volleyball for USC Lion.  Here he was well respected for his teamwork, kindness and soulful energy by teachers, coaches, players and spectators alike.

Family were very important to Lewis and his cousins became his best friends.  He was always part of the laughter, love, noise and craziness of many family occasions.  He also enjoyed spending ‘chill’ time at home in front of a movie with a cuppa or two!

Lewis loved his friends and would spend as much time as he could with them.  He was generous in spirit, always ready to share a wise word, full of warmth, smiles and craziness and never hesitant to make a new friend.

Lewis finished Year 12 with a good score and he was so very proud of his achievements and commitment. He celebrated his 18th birthday and was accepted into Uni SA to start a Bachelor of Media Arts. Lewis was excited to finish school and start his next chapter as a Uni student and had a life time of opportunities ahead of him.

This is where Lewis’s story stops - and starts again. As a LEWMAC family, our energy and deep love for Lewis is being directed into positive action. Together, Lewis’ family and friends are raising money in his memory to support the work of the Sammy D Foundation.

To Liam and James who were walking with Lewis on New Years Eve, who were also victims of this violence and who lost a dear friend that night: Our fight is for you too. We honour your battle, pain, grief, strength, friendship and love.


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