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Sammy D Connect – General Mentoring

Young people considered to be ‘at risk’ are mentored by highly trained and motivated role models. The Mentor Program involves providing one-on-one weekly mentoring sessions to young people aged 8-18 years of age. Referrals can be made via schools, sporting clubs, community centres and various other agencies within both the private and public sectors.

Young people supported by this program have often experienced one or more of the following risk factors:

  • Level of disadvantage
  • Disengaged from learning and/or earning, or at risk of disengagement
  • Experiencing family breakdown or dysfunction
  • Disengaged from pro social community and recreational activities
  • Displaying compromised emotional health
  • Exposure to family violence

Mentors often share life experiences, skills and knowledge as well as assisting the young person to set and reach their goals.  Mentors themselves need a high level of training and support with the average commitment being 2 hours per week over 6-12 months. The program is delivered so that young people most in need can access support from a range of our connect programs:

Community Engagement Program

This program aims to enable young people meeting our criteria to connect with a pro social activity through financial support in an attempt to secure long term community engagement. Community Engagement Program funding is sourced from charitable donations made to the Foundation. 

Education Engagement Mentoring

Young people are referred to the Mentor Program with the specific long term goal of having them engage or re-engage in regular education.  The Mentor works to empower young people to link in with supportive individuals and community organisations, as well as to make positive life choices.

Critical Transition Program

A peer leadership model is the key to this program targeting the transition from primary to high school. This sensitive period in a young person’s life is significant, critical and for some students can be an extremely frightening. The Foundation works with High Schools and its feeder Primary Schools to support this transition time while developing a confident and resilient school community.

Youth Justice Program

The Youth Justice Program is exclusively for young people experiencing early interactions with the Youth Justice System, with referrals having been obtained from SApol and Youth Justice Departments. This program aims to strengthen connections between the young people and the community to increase protective factors and encourage pro social activity, thus providing ongoing engagement within education, recreation and community.

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