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Impact presentations involve Sam's story being told as a way of educating young people about the consequences of violence, including effects of alcohol and drugs on decision making and the need to make safe choices when in private and public spaces.  Impact Workshops involve the themes of the Presentation being further unpacked, including interactive discussions and activities which assist decision-making processes for harm reduction. Adapted to suit the age of the audience, workshops include:

  • Bullying prevention
  • Violence Prevention
  • Leadership
  • Parental role modelling

Impact Presentations and Workshops are delivered in schools, sporting clubs, community centres and various other agencies within both the private and public sectors including, Training Centres, Off Campus Learning Groups and Tertiary Education Facilities.

84% of young people indicated the information they heard from Impact stopped them from becoming involved when faced with a violent situation.

Bullying Prevention

The Bullying Prevention Program targets students within year levels 6 and 7 and is delivered as a combination of the Impact Presentation and Impact Workshop where students work together in small groups and explore what bullying looks like, sounds like and feels like. Students also develop a set of rules regarding bullying within their school.

Violence Prevention

The Violence Prevention Workshops target students in the early years of high school. In small groups students explore the personal and community consequences of violence and what influences this behaviour. Students will gain practical knowledge that will benefit them when dealing with situations involving violence, including understanding and recognising risk.

Leadership Program

The Leadership Program targets young people of various ages who are provided with skills relating to being a positive leader, enabling them to develop confidence and leadership skills to negotiate their way through to adulthood.  There is a specific focus on harm minimisation amongst peers and encouraging mateship. The Program is delivered in schools, sporting clubs, community centres and various other agencies within both the private and public sectors.

Parental Role Modelling

Delivered within schools or sporting clubs this program is called "Monkey See Monkey Do".  Designed to address intra-peer bullying as well as "ugly parent syndrome" this program targets 10-14 year olds, parents, guardians and sports officials. The session includes an Impact Presentation delivered to all attendees then separately Role Modelling Session with adult attendees and Bullying Prevention Session with young people.  Individuals are given the opportunity to reflect on parents and adults being the number one influence in the lives of young people. The small group work also allows an opportunity for parents and club officials to openly talk about the impact of bullying and poor parental role modelling, while also moving forward.

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