Violence Prevention / programs / violence-prevention

The Sammy D Foundation offers stand-alone presentations or program packages which aim to prevent the occurance of violence within schools and the community:



Purpose: Educating participants about the impact of violence on victims, families perpetrators and the community
Age recommendation: 10+
Approximate run time: 50 minutes

In 2008, Adelaide teenager, Sam Davis, fell victim of a violent and unprovoked one-punch assault that cost him his life. Through the telling of Sam's story, Impact Presentations educate young people about the consequences of violence with a focus on mateship - encouraging young people to look after themselves and their mates.


Violence Prevention

Includes: Impact Presentation and Violence Prevention Workshops
Purpose: Providing young people with the skills to appropriately recognise the consequences and risks of violence, and to manage violent situations. 
Age recommendation: 12-18
Approximate run time: 80 minutes
Workshops: Following an Impact Presentation, students will work with Sammy D Foundation peer educators in class sized groups to explore the personal and community consequences of violence, what influences this behaviour, and strategies to responding to violence situations.

This package provides opportunity to further unpack the messages delivered in the Impact Presentation and the consequences of violence. By commencing the program with Sam's story, participants are able to put themselves in the position of Sam, the perpetrator, family and/or friends, further enforcing the real consequences that violence has on victims, perpetrators, families, friends and the community.

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