Projects and Research / projects-and-reasearch

The Sammy D Foundation lead and participate in various community projects and research which aim to develop a youth culture in South Australia where young people have skills, positive attitudes and role-models to support them to reach their maximum life potential. 

Ending The Cycle
The focus of the Ending the Cycle Project is to develop  a network of like-minded organisations, focussed on supporting women and children in the inner southern suburbs of Adelaide, to develop an understanding and knowledge based around services and supports best suited to identify, refer and assist young people to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence in the next generation.

Pill Testing
As a harm minimisation organisation our programs are focused on educating young people about illicit drugs so that they understand what they are, how they are made, what’s in them and the risks associated with taking them, as well as strategies to minimise harm to themselves and others. This also includes recognising the signs of a drug overdose and when to seek medical attention.

We agree that the best way to stay safe from drugs is to not to take them. However, for those young people that choose to experiment with drugs, as young people have done for decades, we believe that every opportunity should be taken to continue education so that young people are making informed choices, and If they make bad ones, then they know what to do about it. Pill testing is not “the” solution to preventing deaths at music festivals, but coupled with an extensive education program, it can be one of several useful strategies to reduce harm.


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