School Programs / school-programs

The Sammy D Foundation has received funding from the Department for Education to deliver a limited number of subsidised programs to South Australian schools during 2018-2020.

A booklet outlining the programs on offer and how schools can access the subsidised prices is being distributed to all schools in the near future. An online version is available here.

Over the past 10 years the Sammy D Foundation has developed a suite of primary prevention programs aimed at changing the attitudes of young people about the impacts of bullying, violence and alcohol fuelled violence. These programs are aimed at educating young people about the negative impacts of violence and providing them with strateties to keep themselves and their mates safe.

Bullying Prevention

Violence Prevention

True Colours - Bullying and Violence Prevention

Alcohol and Other Drug Education 

Safe Partying Education

Formals, Schoolies and End of Year Celebration Preparation