Bullying Prevention

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The Issue:

Students who are the targets of frequent bullying can experience significant long term negative impacts on their health and wellbeing. These may include a loss of self-esteem or self-belief, increased anxiety, depression and withdrawl from social activities. In addition a regular feeling of being unsafe can lead to physical health complaints, fatigue and absenteeism impacting on the student's ability to effectively engage with their learning.

1 in 4 students aged between 8 and 14 reported being bullied every few weeks or more. Australian Covert Bullying Prevalence Study - 2009.


Our Solutions: 

1. Impact Presentation

Impact has been designed as a primary prevention program aimed at changing student's attitudes towards bullying by educating them about the negative impacts of bullying and violence and providing them with strategies to keep themselves and their mates safe.

Students hear first hand from Neil Davis, the father of Sam who was tragically killed as a result of a violent and unprovoked one punch assault. Sam's story provides students with an example of the characteristics of bullying and the consequences that it has on victims, perpetrators, bystanders, families, friends and the broader community.

Includes: Impact Presentation
Target year levels: 6-7
Approximate run time: 50 minute presentation


2. Bullying Prevention Workshop Package

This package provides the opportunity to further unpack the messages delivered in the Impact Presentation and the consequences of bullying through a Values Walk and Bullying Prevention Workshops. The Values Walk allows participants to think about their beliefs and how they would respond when faced with a potentially antisocial/violent situation.

Following the presentation students will break into class sized groups and work with our education facilitators to explore in greater detail what bullying looks like, sounds like and feels like. They will also explore the personal and community consequences of bullying, what influences this behaviour and strategies to respond.

Includes: Impact Presentation with Values Walk, class sized Bullying Prevention Workshops
Target year levels: 6-7
Approximate run time: 90 minutes total - 50 minute presentation including Values Walk followed by 40 minute group workshops 

Program Effectiveness

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