End of School Celebrations

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The Sammy D Foundation offers stand-alone presentations or program packages which aim to keep end of school celebrations safe:



Purpose: Educating participants about the impact of violence on victims, families perpetrators and the community.
Age recommendation: 10+
Approximate run time: 50 minutes

In 2008, Adelaide teenager, Sam Davis, fell victim of a violent and unprovoked one-punch assault that cost him his life. Through the telling of Sam's story, Impact Presentations educate young people about the consequences of violence with a focus on mateship - encouraging young people to look after themselves and their mates.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education

Purpose: Educating participants about the effects of alcohol and other drugs, as well as the risks of substance misuse.
Age recommendation: 13+
Approximate run time: 40 minutes

Sammy D Foundation presenters take a harm minimisation approach to alcohol and other drug education. This interactive presentation aims to educate and empower young people to keep celebrations safe and free from tragedy.


Party Wise - Youth Forum

Includes: Impact Presentation, Alcohol and Other Drug Education and Party Wise Workshops
Purpose: Providing a holistic approach to keeping graduations, formals, schoolies and end of year celebrations safe.
Age recommendation: 13-18
Approximate run time: 125 minutes
Workshops: Following Impact and Alcohol and Other Drug presentations, students will work with Sammy D Foundation peer educators in class sized groups to unpack strategically structured scenarios based on the risks, responsibilities and legalities of celebrations.

With a focus on how to avoid and respond to emergency situations, this package provides participants with all the information they need to keep themselves and their mates safe. A perfect way to prepare young people as they approach the age of experimentation with alcohol and other drugs, and school leavers who are approaching end of year celebrations.

Party Wise - Parent Forum

Includes: Impact Presentation, Alcohol and Other Drug Education and a presentation by SA Ambulance Service (optional)
Purpose: Parents, caregivers and teenagers are given the opportunity to explore risks, responsibilities, legalities and harm minimisation strategies in regards to attending and holding celebrations. 
Age recommendation: 13+
Approximate run time: 125 minutes
Forum Outline: Sammy D Foundation Presenters will deliver Impact and Alcohol and Other Drug presentations, highlighting the consequences of violence and drug and alcohol misuse, as well as the importance of making safe choices when in private and public spaces. The optional SA Ambulance Service (SAAS) presentation gives insight into the role SAAS and what to expect when responding to emergency situations.

By providing parents, caregivers and young people with the same information, this package opens the door for meaningful and open discussions in regards to alcohol and other drugs, parties, and the expectations surrounding these topics.  This package is the perfect conversation starter for families who are thinking of holding a party/celebration, families who are experiencing pressures in regards to party culture, or schools who would like to prepare their students for formals, graduations, schoolies and end of year celebrations. 

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