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The Issue:

Alcohol and other drugs affect the way we think, act and feel. Inhibitions may be lowered and paranoia may be heightened, significantly diminishing the brain's ability to process information and identify risky behaviours and social cues. This places people who misuse alcohol and other drugs at greater risk of perpetrating violence, or becoming a victim of violence.

60% of all police call ous are alcohol related including 90% of all late night calls.
1 in 5 hospitalisations of Australians aged under 25 are related to alcohol consumption.
National Council on Drugs Report - 2013.


Our Solution:

1. Party Wise Workshop Package

The Sammy D Foundation takes a primary prevention, harm minimisation approach to alcohol and other drugs education, informing and empowering young people to keep celebrations such as parties, formals, graduations and schoolies safe and free from tragedy, by understanding the effects of alcohol and other drugs, the risks of substance misuse and safe party practices.

Students first participate in the Impact presentation where they hear from Neil Davis, the father of Sam who was tragically killed as a result of a violent and unprovoked one-punch assault at a private party. Following this students participate in an interactive Alcohol and Other Drugs Presentation that covers risks, responsibilities, legalities, harm minimisation strategies and what to do in an emergency situation.

Students are then provided with the opportunity to further unpack the messages delivered in these two presentations through class size group workshops where they work with our education facilitators to unpack strategically structured scenarios based on the risks, responsibilities and legalities of parties and celebrations. They will also receive a copy of our Party Wise Pack.

This is a perfect way to prepare young people as they approach the age of experimentation with alcohol and other drugs, and school leavers approaching schoolies, graduation and end of year celebrations.

Includes: Impact Presentation, Alcohol and Other Drugs Presentation and Party Safe Workshops
Target Year Levels: 10-12
Approximate run time: 110 minutes total (2 presentations plus 20 minute workshops)

 Program Effectiveness

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