Alcohol and Other Drugs Education

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Combined Violence Prevention Presentation - "Impact" and Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Presentation
Players first work with Sammy D Foundation faciliators to unpack the story of Sam Davis who was tragically killed as a result of a violent and unprovoked one punch assault at a private party. Sam's story provides members with an example of the risks associated with substance misuse and the consequences that it has on victims, perpetrators, families, friends and the broader community.

Club members will then participate in an interactive alcohol and other drugs education presentation that explores the effects of alcohol and other drug use, and the associated risks, from a harm minimisation perspective.

Target audience: 14+
Approximate run time: 50 minute Violence Prevention Presentation + 40 minute Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Presentation


Stand-alone Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Presentation
A harm minimisation approach to Alcohol and Other Drugs education. This interactive presentation explores the effects of various classes of substances, and the risks and indicators associated with substance use.

Target Audience: 14+
Approximate run time: 45 minutes


Stand-alone Methamphetamine and Other Drugs Education
With a focus on the indicators and harms associated with Methamphetamine use, this interactive presentation provides senior club members with the opportunity to explore the characteristics and risks of Methamphetamine, as well as alcohol and other classes of drugs.

Target year levels: 16+
Approximate run time: 45 minutes


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