Adulting 101

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Our Adulting 101: Skills for Life Program has been developed to support young people 16-24 who are navigating the transition from adolescence into adulthood. 

Weekly 3 hour sessions over 8 weeks will see relevant guest speakers provide expertise and knowledge across topics such as:

  • Managing Private Affairs
  • Finance Management
  • Meal Planning & Nutrition
  • Physical Self-Care Strategies
  • Car Maintenance
  • Personal Goal setting
  • Healthy & Respectful Relationships
  • Finding & Keeping Employment
  • Finding & Keeping Tenancy

You will be provided with a life-skills “toolkit” through an interactive model of peer led learning that includes quizzes, games and group discussions. We encourage frank discussions about challenges are facing, or may face, and will help you to find new ways of thinking about your options and decisions. Talking about real world life skills with trained and trusted peers can really help build your confidence and consider ways of doing things differently.

 Current Adulting 101 Programs:

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Adulting 101 is an endorsed program on the South Australian Department for Education External Wellbeing Directory