The Issue

Negative Gendered Expectations

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The Solution - "What's the Story?"

Challenging Societies Conceptions of Manhood and Masculinity

“What’s the Story?” aims to engage young men (or those who identify as boys/men) in conversations about what it means to be a man by exposing them to different conceptions of manhood and masculinity, and how it may relate to them, their life and their future ambitions and desires.

The program is participatory, interactive and discussion based. Storytelling is a key feature of this program as it supports students to reflect upon their world in a meaningful and relevant manner.

Over the course of 8 weeks, students will discuss ideas, understandings, and conceptions of fairness, justice, power, equality and equity, violence, gender and relationships. Students are encouraged to journal their learnings, thoughts and feelings as well as work in small groups to complete a critical enquiry project.

‘What’s the Story?’ was developed in partnership with the Sammy D Foundation and Flinders University.

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What's the Story? is an endorsed program on the South Australian Department for Education External Wellbeing Directory