City-Bay - Sammy D Mates

Each year our Sammy D Mates commit to the City-Bay journey to they raise awareness and funds that will enable us to continue providing education and mentoring support to young people in our community.

Start your stretching and get ready to make a difference in our community!

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How do you become a Sammy D Mate?

To become a Sammy D Mate there are just a couple of things you need to remember when signing up at www.city-bay.org.au:

  1. Select to join a team on Step 4 and choose Sammy D Mates!
  2. Check the box on Step 5 to fundraise and select the Sammy D Foundation!
  3. With the year that was, we are all itching to get out and about! Set a goal, train, keep fit, raise $$$ ! It is a Win/Win for all!