Chair of Sammy D Foundation responds to school yard violence

 Following more reports this week about yet further violence and bullying in South Australian metro schools campuses, the Chair of the Sammy D Foundation, Brett Duncanson, would like to make the following statement.

 “The ongoing consistency in occurrences of schoolyard violence and negative behaviour is becoming an ongoing concern of the Sammy D Foundation and something must be done to increase access to violence prevention programs for our schools, rather than continued efforts to address these issues after their occurred.

 “The Sammy D Foundation has been contacted by numerous South Australian schools to present our anti-violence and bullying programs on their campuses, but without the support of the state government and annual funding we are not able to deliver the education program to those most in need.

 “We are calling on the South Australian Government to respond to our application for annual funding and to offer us the ability to do what we do best – educate young South Australians about the reality and long-term impacts of violent behavior, and how they can keep themselves and their mate safe.

 “The Sammy D Foundation has been working tirelessly over the past 14 years to deliver its school-based programs addressing the impacts of bullying and violence, and as a result, we have shown that 96% of program attendees highlighted that they were more aware of the impacts of bullying and violence and 96% highlighted that were made aware of methods to keep themselves and mates safe in such a situation.

 “The previous state government did not continue our funding in 2021 and as a not-for-profit Foundation, we now work within our means to deliver as many programs as possible.  We now implore the state government to step in and reinstate our annual funding, as so we can work collectively to create a safer environment for all.”

 Brett Duncanson – Chair of The Sammy D Foundation.

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