Encouraging a safe return to nightclubs and bars

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The Sammy D Foundation encourages a safe return to nightclubs and bars

With coronavirus restrictions easing in South Australia, and dancefloors reopening right across the state, the Sammy D Foundation is reminding South Australians that it’s time to enjoy themselves safely.

Sammy D Foundation General Manager, Brigid Koenig said that it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to go out, let our hair down, and have a drink and dance with our mates.

“We’ve done a great job in South Australia with our response to coronavirus and we are being rewarded with some of our normal social activities, like our nightclubs and bars starting up again,” Ms Koenig said.

“We want to make sure that in the excitement that this brings, we are looking at how we all can go out and party in a safe way, ensuring that everyone has a great night out.

“We would encourage everyone heading out to Adelaide’s bars and clubs to ensure that they drink plenty of water, limit the amount of ‘pre-drinks’ they have before heading out, and plan a way to get home safe a sound, by either a designated driver or catching a taxi.

“If you have a mate who has had too much, or you’re finding yourselves in an unsafe situation, walk away, call it a night and go home.

“We want to make sure that everyone who is eager to get back out to the bars, clubs and dancefloors of South Australia can do so in a safe way, but also arrives home safely.”

Australian Hotels Association (SA) CEO, Ian Horne, echoed the comments of the Sammy D Foundation, and encouraging everyone who heads out to support Adelaide venues does so in a safe and social manner.

“It will be different, with restrictions on capacities and new hygiene measures to what people would have experienced before in venues. We ask everyone to be patient and understand that the venues are doing all they can to ensure we have a safe environment to enjoy.” Mr Horne said.

“We really want people to head out to support all South Australia’s nightclubs, bars and licenced establishments as they start to reopen, but ensure they do so with the intentions to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe way.

“We know there are safe ways to party and that we must all look out for one another as we get back to again enjoying Adelaide’s night life.”

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