Sammy D Foundation to deliver its first violence, alcohol and other drug education programs in the Northern Territory

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Sammy D Foundation to deliver its first violence, alcohol and other drug education programs in the Northern Territory.

The Sammy D Foundation will deliver 96 violence prevention and alcohol and drug education programs across 10 regional areas in South Australia and, for the first time, the Northern Territory thanks to a $300,000 donation from the Freemasons’ charitable Trust.

The new regional programs are made possible through annual funding of $100,000 for three years provided by Masonic Charities, the charitable arm of Freemasonry in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The project is the first step in the Sammy D Foundation’s national growth strategy, as the funding partnership enables the Foundation to deliver 24 programs in regional communities in the Northern Territory. This well see almost 2000 young people in Northern Territory schools  educated against violence and alcohol and drug abuse.

The first tranche of funding will be presented on March 29 to the Sammy D Foundation by Freemasons at John Pirie Secondary School, which has successfully used the Foundation’s programs since 2013 to significantly reduce threatened or actual violence.

The Sammy D Foundation’s school-based presentations and educational workshop sessions for young people address the consequences of violence and drug and alcohol misuse, and provides young adults with the knowledge and strategies to keep themselves and their mates safe.

As a result of the Foundation’s school-based programs, 96% of participants have acknowledged that they were made more aware of the impact of one-punch attacks, 93% had a greater understanding of the risks associated with alcohol and other drug misuse, and 88% indicated they would share the information they heard with others.

Brigid Koenig, CEO of The Sammy D Foundation, said that the opportunity made possible through the funding support from Freemasonry was a win for regional communities in South Australia and the Northern Territory, as more young people will gain a better education around the impact of violence, and drug and alcohol misuse.

"We are excited for the opportunity of expanding the reach of the Sammy D Foundation and our programs into the Northern Territory, while also further increasing our regional South Australian offering,” Ms Koenig said.

“We know our programs have a real impact not only on the lives of young adults, who gain tools to manage negative situations around violence, and alcohol and other drugs, but the effects on the larger community is immensely positive and immediately visible.”

David Booker, the Grand Master of the Freemasons of SA & NT, said that early intervention programs were key to a kinder and more considerate society, which is a fundamental aim of Freemasonry. 

“Exposure to programs run by the Sammy D Foundation has helped minimise the incidence of violence and threatened violence in our schools and has reduced the likelihood of young people misusing alcohol and other drugs,” Mr Booker said. 

"Given the success of these programs in metropolitan Adelaide, the Freemasons of SA & NT through its benevolent arm, Masonic Charities, is proud to support their expansion to regional South Australia and the Northern Territory."

“Ensuring the next generation understand the negative impacts of violent and unsocial behaviour, and of alcohol and other drug abuse, is vital. We need young people from all walks of life to value moral courage in the face of adversity and to know how to foster respectful relationships built on trust."

A cheque presentation and morning tea will be held at John Pirie Secondary School in Port Pirie from 11am on Tuesday, March 29.


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About The Sammy D Foundation
The Sammy D Foundation educates young people on the impacts of bullying, and alcohol and other drug fuelled violence. By providing relevant age-appropriate information, knowledge and tools. The Foundation’s purpose is to end violence by connecting and empowering young people. The Foundation was created by husband-and-wife team Neil Davis and Nat Cook after their 17-year old son Sam was fatally hit while trying to intervene in a fight at a party in 2008.

About Masonic Charities
Masonic Charities is a benevolent arm of the Freemasons of SA & NT. Freemasonry constantly turns its eyes to, and focusses on, the needs of others. Freemasonry is one of the world’s oldest and largest non-religious, non-political, fraternal and charitable organisations.