Media Statement 29 March 2022

The Sammy D Foundation, like many, has been shocked and appalled by the violent outburst at yesterday’s 94th Academy Awards Ceremony.

We acknowledge hurtful comments were made about a person’s autoimmune disease, most specifically Alopecia - however violence is not the answer. 

Violence is never the answer and that’s why the Sammy D Foundation is dedicated to changing attitudes in young people here and across the nation. Teaching them to walk away from volatile situations and encouraging their mates to do the same.

The Sammy D foundation proudly educated almost 30,000 young people in 2021 alone. This year we hope to exceed that number in the hope of preventing violence in schools, in sport and in our community. 

For further comment contact:
Leigh McGrane | Against The Grain | 0438 699 795 |