Inaugural Enterprise PHD Scholarship announced

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Sammy D Foundation and Flinders University announce inaugural Enterprise PHD Scholarship

Sammy D Foundation and Flinders University today announce the inaugural Enterprise PhD Scholarship, a collaborative 3.5-year PhD Scholarship to explore the impact of parental responsibilities as role models for children within youth sports.

Current Flinders University PhD candidate, Emilea Mysko, has been awarded the inaugural scholarship, with her research set to evaluate and examine the nuanced role of parents as role models for children, using youth sports as the social setting for the modelling.

The project will include a 60-day internship with the Sammy D Foundation, under the project supervision of Dr Sam Elliott (university academic) and Brigid Koenig, CEO (Industry expert), and will follow the Sammy D Foundations’ Violence Prevention and Positive Role Modelling program, ‘Monkey See Monkey Do Program’, which to date has been presented to over 6000 participants at more than 83 South Australian sporting clubs.

The purpose of the joint PhD is to gain a higher understanding of the implications of parental sideline and on-field behaviour on today’s youth, with research findings to enhance the intuitive educational initiative, co-designed between The Sammy D Foundation and Flinders University.

 At its conclusion, this project will produce ‘living’ stories that will form the basis of contextualised educational materials for parents and children to learn about the core and peripheral layers of role modelling and how it can shape lifelong attitudes, behaviours, and sensibilities.

 The Sammy D Foundation’s CEO , Brigid Koenig, said that she was excited to work with Emilea Mysko and The Flinders University in delivering the new PhD.

 “This new research will help guide our programs and offer us a deeper understanding of the impact of both positive and negative behaviour of parents around youth sports, and will ultimately support the Sammy D Foundation to realise our aspiration to help children live their best life free from violence .”

 “We are excited to welcome Emilea to the team as she undertakes her placement and we will offer her as much guidance and assistance as possible as she works with us to better understand the effectiveness of our programs.”

 Emilea Mysko said that she hoped that her research will lead to a greater understanding for both researchers and parents alike about the impact of parental sideline behaviour.

 “I’m looking forward to investigating how parents can be both positive and negative role models for children, and their vital role as providers of emotional support and interpreters of social experience.

 “Then see a tangible outcome from this research, in designing and delivering education resources for the Sammy D Foundation will be an exceptional experience and example of how research can lead to real-world change.”

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