Schnitty 4 Sam

On Monday 4 May 2020, we were set to commemorate the 12 year Anniversary of Sam Davis’ passing and celebrate the work of the Sammy D Foundation with a Schnitty 4 Sam fundraiser at the Crown Inn in South Australia.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we are unable to join together on 4 May, but we’re determined to commemorate Sam and celebrate the work of the Foundation and we’re pretty sure you’ll be eager to join us!

So, what’s the plan now? We’re glad you asked! 

Whether you make your own, visit a butcher or grab take-away from your local pub/take away joint, we’re inviting you to join us in having a Schnitty 4 Sam at home next Monday, May 4! Don’t fret, all schnitties count including plant based/vegan options!

This is the perfect excuse to indulge in Sam’s (and let’s be honest, everyone’s) favourite Aussie classic and we’re excited to see everyone post their schnitties on Monday with their favourite topping and the hashtag #schnitty4sam. (Don’t worry, we’ll definitely be giving some topping ideas on our socials over the next 10 days!)

As part of the cancelled fundraiser, we were set to raise $5+ per schnitzel sold that would assist us to continue educating and mentoring young people in our community. It is certainly not a must, but any contribution toward our Schnitty 4 Sam campaign will make a big difference to us and the young people we work with. Donations can be made through our Facebook Fundraiser, or through our website.

We would love to see your snaps! Don’t forget to pledge your in, snap your prep, your ideas and your schnitty masterpieces and tag @sammydfoundation #schnitty4sam. We would love to share them with our followers.

We look forward to being able to commemorate Sam with each of you, and to unite against bullying, violence and alcohol and drug fuelled violence!