The Sammy D Foundation has already educated over 3,800 students in 46 schools about the consequences of bullying and violence through ‘True Colours’, an innovative student-led program that is driving real change.

The eight-week program introduces the topics of bullying and violence and provides students with support to identify a local community issue – with the students themselves developing and presenting the solution.

General Manager of the Sammy D Foundation Brigid Koenig said “The True Colours program was developed in 2018 in partnership with teachers and although we are still in the pilot phase, feedback from school staff and students has been really positive so far.”

“As we present to young people, we can see the impact of our message, but what’s really exciting is how much they engage in the program by identifying an issue that is important to them and being part of the solution. I think this gives students a real sense of ownership.”

The Principal at John Pirie Secondary School, Roger Nottage attests to the how the Foundation is changing lives; “Since engaging Sammy D Foundation in 2013 to form a partnership with our school we have seen an 82% reduction in threatened or actual violence.”

Sammy D Foundation’s education programs make a difference to our community and have contributed significantly to the creation of a safe learning environment at John Pirie Secondary School.”

Since 2019 the Foundation has educated over 30,000 young people and their families about the impacts of bullying and violence and how to keep themselves and their mates safe.


On the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Friday 20 March, Brigid Koenig stated; “we would like everyone to think about what they can do to reduce bullying and violence in our community. In the uncertain times we face, now more than ever we need to be kind and look after each other.”

Free and subsidised programs are still available for all SA Schools in 2020 with a number of delivery options including online or reduced class sizes.

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