The Issue


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The Solution - "True Colours"

Bullying Prevention Education

“True Colours” is an eight week, student-led, critical inquiry module, aimed at preventing bullying and violence. The key message behind the program is at the critical moment a decision is made whether to engage in, or react to a situation, what are your True Colours?

“True Colours” commences with a student forum where students are introduced to the topics and supported to identify a local community issue relating to bullying and/or violence. Then over the eight weeks they follow a critical inquiry process by defining their line of inquiry, collecting and analysing data about the issue, and finally proposing and presenting their solution.

As part of the program students also participate in our “Impact” presentation and a values walk, allowing them to think about their beliefs and how they would respond when faced with potentially antisocial situations.

True Colours aligns to the Years 5-10 of the Australian Health and PE Curriculum and Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum.

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