Leave a gift in your will

Including a gift in your will creates long-lasting change for generations to come.
Of course, we understand that you want to look after your loved ones. After you do this, you may wish to consider a gift in your will to the Sammy D Foundation.

Making a bequest is simple and is not costly. There are two ways someone can make a bequest.

You can simply add a codicil (a single page document) to an existing will.
A will can be re-written so the gift is incorporated within the will.

Please consult with a qualified legal professional to ensure your wishes can be properly incorporated in your will.

Useful wording
To include the Sammy D Foundation in your will, we suggest you use the following wording:
"I bequeath to Sammy D Foundation Incorporated (ABN 26 788 461 065) the sum of $......... (or ........ percentage of my estate or ...... percentage of my residue of my estate) and declare that the receipt of its Treasurer or other proper officer shall be sufficient discharge for my trustee."

For more information about making a bequest or to discuss how you would like your bequest to be invested please contact us on (08) 8374 1678 or email info@sammyd.org.au