Partner with us

Over the last 15 years, we have generated $7.8 million in philanthropic support to educate over 220,000 young people.

We highly value our corporate partners, whose support enables us to have more impact where it is needed the most.

We would love to explore how your organisation could support us, via:

  • sponsoring program delivery: whether to schools or sporting clubs across the range of our suite of programs, we always have a waitlist of expressions of interest opportunities.
  • sponsoring our mentor program: support a young people experiencing some form of disadvantage. We support both metro and other regions, i.e. (Hills and Northern suburbs.)
  • sponsor our events: annual event options include Reach for the Stars Ball and Comedy Gala. Sponsorship decks are available for each.
  • making a corporate donation: a tax-deductible donation will support our Foundation to achieve more.
  • invite Sammy D to be charity partner for your event: whether a golf day or gala, we would love to hear how we can collaborate on your event.
  • pro bono service support: by donating your services, we become more effective in making an impact. We would love to hear how your business could support us. 

Our current partners

For a list of our current partners click here.

Want to make a difference with your partnership?
Reach out to our Partnership Manager: | 0406 355 267