"Our extensive work with the Sammy D Foundation over the past several years has included the “Impact” presentations and workshops for all students on Year 8 camp. We have also developed student mentors to support new students to our school.

These initiatives were co-designed and have contributed to improved student self-esteem, greater relationships and cohesion with Home Groups, reduced bullying and harassment and an overall improved student culture within our school.

Our students identify strongly with Sam and his story as well as the Foundation’s message about mateship and positive decision making. I highly recommend the Sammy D Foundation to deliver their powerful, engaging and critical message to your organisation. "
Jenna English
Senior Leader - Middle School
Parafield Gardens High School


"My 13 year old daughter, Bella, told me about the presentation at her school today. She said it was the best one she has been to and it touched her and many of her friends. It was Neil Davis telling the story of his son Sam. My daughter has school friends that have been involved in violent situations - both “organised” fights between boys and random attacks, Bella was present on one occasion and (thankfully) just missed witnessing the brutal random attack of one of her friends by minutes. I have spoken to Bella about what can occur (even when you are not actually involved) and the impact it can have on many peoples lives. Bella said that today during the presentation some of the boys that had been involved in the organised fights were emotional and crying during the presentation and it really hit home to them about the possible impact of their actions or of actions of others Thank you, thank you, thank you. As a parent I thank you and I admire and appreciate the strength of Neil to share his son’s story to help keep our children safer. "


"The “Impact” program has been a powerful message for young people at Christian Brothers College. Neil Davis delivers a timely reminder to all young people of the lasting effects of violence, especially in the context of one-punch. Students were affected by the story of young Sammy Davis, his son, and the lasting impact the actions one-punch had on the family, friends and wider community.

Neil’s presentation was professional, yet sensitive to the loss of his son to such unfortunate circumstances. His message of non-violence resonated strongly with our students and many spoke of the presentation to their family at home. It is a thought-provoking presentation to young people of all ages. It enables them to reflect on the gift of life and the value of non-violence."
Rachele Tullio
Assistant Principal
Christian Brothers College


"The message you communicate is essential, it puts a human face on thoughtless acts and I know it does influence young people’s behaviour. The Impact presentation provides students with an insight into the “reality” of violence.

Two students recently involved in incidents were noticeably touched by the address and felt deeply remorseful. Another student who had previously attended the program requested permission to participate once more. Although from a challenging background, she understands the message; it shapes her development as a young person and future adult in our society.

In the 5 and half years I have been at this school and the 4 – 5 years I have had the opportunity to work with the Sammy D Foundation I am convinced of the significant impact this work has on young people. I have seen hundreds of programs and speakers over 40 years in education and none resonate more with me in terms of “quality message” and “importance of the cause” than what the Sammy D Foundation offers."
Roger Nottage
John Pirie Secondary School


"Elizabeth Grove Primary have been working closely with the Sammy D Foundation for the last 5 years. All year 6/7 students participate in the Impact presentation and workshop.

Through Neil’s calm, honest and caring manner, students voiced they were able to connect and ‘feel’ Neil’s message.

Feedback from students included “I know I have the ability to make choices” and “I didn’t realise how many people could be affected by one punch.” We thank Neil and his team for the powerful impact they have made not only on our students, but within our community. "
Christine Vlass
Senior Leader/Positive Education
Elizabeth Grove Primary School